Welcome to www.JapaneseReader.com!

The purpose of this site is to serve as a useful resource for students of the Japanese Language, with a particular focus on cultivating a comprehension of the written language.

This site contains three types of articles:

  • Discussions on various aspects of learning the language, such as ideas on how to learn effectively, or warnings on particular problems that one may encounte—for example, the pair of articles on Why Learning Japanese Can Be Frustrating (here);
  • Treatments of Japanese word groups (especially verbs and adjectives) which are pronounced identically, and have very similar or nearly the same meanings, but which are written using distinct kanji characters depending on the precise situation (see this article on the verb 「みる」).
  • A planned series of articles which progressively teach kanji readings, by simply offering a block of text that introduces and reinforces them, complete with readings and contextual meanings.

All of these things are provided by a non-native student of the Japanese Language (and particularly the written language), who of course makes plenty of mistakes; be advised that nothing on this site should be taken as gospel, and should be judged against the reader’s experiences with authentic Japanese.

Enjoy this site! And please feel free to offer corrections, if you see something that doesn’t meet with reality.

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